The official audio for Foals - Wash Off. Taken from their sixth studio album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 2 released in 2019, which featured the singles Black Bull, The Runner and Into The Surf. The album became the band's first to reach No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart. Subscribe to the Foals channel for all the best and latest official music videos, behind the scenes and live performances. Listen to more from the album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 2 here: See more official videos from Foals here: Follow FOALS Lyrics: I hope there’s a shot in the dark That if I keep it up I can keep on going They say that ‘life is short’ & it can’t be bought by the likes of me I heard that it won’t be long Until we’re gone like dew in the morning Stop the clocks pull up your socks Go find a fountain to wash it off So kill the screen head to Medellin To shout n scream & find yr trouble Live amongst the orange roses, Pull vogue poses & wash it off Lord knows I’m in the field, hellhounds are back & on my heels They said I died last week in the Pacific ocean No words spoken, plane feel right out the sky But they dunno why, but don’t you worry Cause life’s a lie, so roll the die, Keep on trying To wash it off Go wash it off Don’t you even think of me, Cause I’ll be free beyond the Levee all that’s left is a ghost machine & it can’t be reached but you can try You should go buy the boat, build a moat & untie yourself Go wash it off (You’re my ride or die, I just wish I’d said goodbye one last time) (Now all that’s left is a ghost machine, It can’t be reached, it won’t be seen again) Go wash it off About FOALS Formed in Oxford in 2005, Foals are a critically-acclaimed rock band renowned for their energetic live shows and ambitious genre-bending albums. Drawing influence from wide-ranging sources, they have continued to embrace and explore new sonic ideas throughout their career. Their catalogue boasts Mercury Prize nominated albums “Total Life Forever”, “Holy Fire” and “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1”, as well as the NME award-winning “What Went Down”, which have spawned hits such as “Exits”, “Mountain At My Gates”, “My Number” and the Ivor Novello nominated “Spanish Sahara”. #FOALS #WashOff #ENSWBL2

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