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1080 Far Cry New Dawn Image

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Far Cry New Dawn - All Dear Photograph Locations (Before Trophy / Achievement Guide)

Far Cry New Dawn has 9 Dear Photograph Locations. Finding all of them unlocks the "Before" trophy / achievement. To start collecting them you must first pick up Travey's Shoebox in Prosperity, which is automatically marked as a side quest after progressing the story a bit. Inside the Shoebox are 9 Photos of what the world used to look like before the nukes hit. You can unlock the photo locations by buying the map from the Cartography Station at Prosperity (after recruiting Bean). At these spots you'll find yellow mats with a camera on them. Stand on them, face the way the camera does, and hold up the picture by holding UP on the D-Pad. None of them are missable, they can still be found after the story. TEXT GUIDE: TIMELINE: # Mission Start - 0:00 #1 - 0:37 #2 - 1:09 #3 - 1:33 #4 - 2:01 #5 - 2:25 #6 - 2:50 #7 - 3:15 #8 - 3:39 #9 - 4:06 Far Cry New Dawn Trophy Guide & Roadmap: SUBSCRIBE: Support this Channel by becoming a Member: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow PowerPyx: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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