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1366x768 Dragon Age Inquisition Background

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Dragon Age Origins on Y480 with GT650M HD

PLEASE READ THIS!!!! Graphics are maxed out. Details are at the start of video. The FPS fluctuated a lot while Fraps was running but without it the game runs very smooth. I also have JB3textures installed. If you are an RPG fan, this game is a must have. JB3textures: Laptop Specifications (Lenovo Ideapad Y480): -Core i7-3630QM Processor -Windows 7 Home 64-bit -GeForce GT650M 2GB GDDR5 - Driver version 310.90 -8.0GB DDR3 SDRAM -14.0" HD Glare - 1366x768 -1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive FPS with Fraps: 30-60 FPS without Fraps: 50-60 check this blog out if you have question or any problem with your lenovo courtesy of Antonio CazaresĀ  ***************************************************************

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