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1440p Total War Shogun 2 Background

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Shogun 2 game at ultra quality setting benchmarks comparing multiple gpus performance in frames per second at different settings. Check out the benchmarks and system requirements! Shogun 2 at ultra quality setting? Share your comments 0.

Battle of the Samurai | 21,000 Unit Cinematic Battle | Total War Shogun 2

#TotalWarShogun2 #Cinematic #Shogun #TotalWar A huge cinematic battle between the Takeda Tribes Vs The Chosokabe, Utsunomiya and Amako Tribes. The fighting starts at 4:00 =) - Join this channel to get access to perks: - Join my Patreon - Discord Server My Website = ⬇ The Mods Used ⬇ Double unit size Ancient shogun colors 1 - 4 Batter maps Camera zoom Darthmod shogun Legendary samurai reskin No moral mod Radious pack 1 - 3 Takeda elite reskin Total Carnage Unique factions

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