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Avatar The Last Airbender Meditation

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Tai chi is commonly used as a form of exercise or meditation, but when applied for a fight, a tai chi user can both defend and attack in one fluid movement, similar. Avatar the last airbender chakra meditation. Healing spiritual and emotional pain is another way to align your heart chakra. This could mean taking herbal teas, meditating or meditating, or doing yoga.

Guided Meditation with Guru Pathik (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Here are excerpts from the Avatar the Last Airbender episode "The Guru", edited with calming music into a guided meditation for anyone to use. I got rid of anything Aang specific, so Guru Pathik is ready to guide anyone and everyone! Enjoy! Join the Cuenin's Cove Discord! ► Cuenin's Cove Main Theme ► "Tesseract" by Adhesive Wombat ( Find me on Social Media! TWITTER ► INSTAGRAM ► LETTERBOXD ► SPOTIFY ► #ATLA #AvatarTheLastAirbender #Meditate 0:00 - Introduction 0:27 - #1: Root (Earth) Chakra 1:54 - #2: Sacral (Water) Chakra 3:34 - #3: Solar Plexus (Fire) Chakra 4:54 - #4: Heart Chakra 6:14 - #5: Throat (Sound) Chakra 7:30 - #6: Third Eye (Light) Chakra 8:47 - #7: Crown (Thought) Chakra 10:15 - Outro

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