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Avatar The Last Airbender Silhouette

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Avatar: The Last Airbender | Anime Opening - Silhouette

Yeah so I kinda haven't uploaded in like a year and a half. I also kinda forgot I had a YouTube channel a bit. Well, I'm back with a banger (according to my friends) and it trashes the Star Wars one. Also I just kinda wanna say that there are some potentially major spoilers in here so as you would normally if you haven't seen anything, watch with caution and take everything out of context. I will try to upload more but no promises. Stay in school kids (I still am, lets go). Also, watch Naruto as it's a masterpiece and the song comes from Shippuden All video content is owned by Nickelodeon (or whoever owns Avatar it's kinda confusing) Song credits go to KANA-BOON: Thumbnail Credits: Nickelodeon and Bradin Boatright (@haloformer2002) My Second Channel: My Instagram: My Headset : Twitter: How I Record My gameplay: My Snapchat: fartgun56 Martin/MartinGV10/Martin Ganen "Earth isn't flat, Space is." - Martin Ganen

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