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Cookie Run Kingdom Cherry Blossom

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Cherry blossom location in cookie run kingdom gamers are always on the lookout for the best cookies in the game. The players want to increase their characters’ stats with the help of the toppings. As a result, you’ll be able to put together a team that will considerably improve their fighting effectiveness. Cherry blossom cookie toppings cookie run kingdom.

Explosive Damage + ATK Buff! 0* Cherry Blossom Cookie Review! | Cookie Run Kingdom

Hey guys! It's HyRoolLegend coming at you guys with another video of Cookie Run Kingdom. The new update is live now, and we are able to pull for Cherry Blossom Cookie on the new featured Cookie Banner. In this video, I am going to be reviewing and giving my first impression on the new Cherry Blossom Cookie to see how good she is and how viable she is in different modes while she is still a 0 star rather than max promoting her right away. This is to show her potential without having to pull multiple copies of her (it was requested by many viewers as well). Hope you guys find the video helpful and let me know what you guys think in the comments below! Please Like and Subscribe!! Play Cookie Run Kingdom on the PC (affiliate link): Watch more Cookie Run Kingdom Videos: Check out my other gaming channel: Check out my vlog channel: Official Instagram Page for my Youtube Channel! Please follow me! Thank you! Make sure to join our discord channel as well! **Community Discord Link** #CookieRunKingdom #CherryBlossomCookie #Review #CookieRunKingdomGameplay

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