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D Team Fortress 2 Wallpaper

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Making/Scripting Main Menu Backgrounds For TF2

↓ Download link,Steam Guide and code here. QnA about the subject at hand is also here(Instructions/Notes) ↓ VTFEdit : Installer → Archive → Steam Guide by Desmond Miles : Code ↓ The code I've provided is in its "default" settings. So,make changes to it if you want to. QnA. For those who are still confused or having problems making the mod to work properly. 1.What's the order for my custom folder to make my backgrounds/script? - *insert your own file name here*\materials\console *insert your own file name*\scripts\chapterbackground.txt 2.Why would I need to copy my VTF files and renaming it by just adding "_widescreen"? - Well,the reason being that if you're running TF2 in native resolution,it'll probably won't work and just revert back to its original backgrounds. 3.Why did you only type sv_unlockedchapters 4 and not go type it accordingly in order? - The reason being that,well.....I have only 2 backgrounds to work with. The first one,it already showed up in the game.I guess you're guessing why I didn't type sv_unlockedchapters 2? Well,sometimes it doesn't work.Or...I'm just lazy.Yadda Yadda Yadda.But I would still recommend testing your mods thoroughly to check if it's really working right. 4.So,after I scripted my main menu backgrounds,it pop'd up the same background menus for a number of times,did I do it correctly? - Well,yes,yes you did. Unless you're restarting the game multiple times for...some....unknown reason,then yeah,it could pop up the same backrground,but sometimes it could game not detecting the script and decided to choose the same background over and over.Don't worry,the effect isn't really permanent. 5.So,can you give an explanation on why should I use the other 2 names? - Well,simple. If you want to make 4 background mods,just use all 4 of the names. Now,you can use other filenames but it wouldn't be space-efficient and can be confusing since there's 36 of them.I'll repeat it again for convenience sake. 1.background_2fort 2.background_gravelpit 3.background_mvm 4.background_upward 6.If I want to make 4 background mods,what's the order for the script? -That's highly dependent on you But,I would normally just go for 1. "background_2fort" 2. "background_gravelpit" 3. "background_mvm" 4. "background_upward" But I see most people would do it like this: 1. "background_2fort" 2. "background_2fort" 3. "background_upward" 4. "background_upward" can see where this order is going. 7.What settings should I use to import my background to VTFEdit? - Clamp: Maximum Width : 2048 Maximum Height : 2048 8.How to open developer's console? - Go to Options,Keyboard,then you should see a tab saying "Advanced",click on it,tick the box saying "Enable developer's console". Press ` or ~ on your keyboard to open it. 9.How to remove characters in the main menu? - Go to Desmond's guide,there should be section on how to do that,or if the demand is high enough,I would go and make a video about it(if I'm even lucky) 10.I'm using a custom HUD and I can't seem to get my backgrounds working - Some HUDs will have their own custom backgrounds and scripts.Just go to your HUD's folder,in which case,it's the same order,but you should encounter the same order as before,"materials\console" and "scripts\chapterbackground.txt". 11.My background mod is working,but it's all pixelated. - That is an addendum.This will happen,if you try to import an image in VTFEdit with the settings of its Height and Width at about 128 or the image itself being too small to begin with(let's say....a 300 x 400 image).Try and find a bigger image with decent image quality to boot like a wallpaper. Additional note: → If you play in 4:3 Aspect Ratio,you don't need the widescreen files,anything higher than that will be needing them.(Credits to Kierany9) Credits to Desmond Miles for the Steam Guide.Also credits to rays,montañita and whayay for providing an explanation and example for the script in the aforementioned Steam Guide's comment section and in the TeamFortressTV Thread.

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