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Dying Light 2 Black Widow

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I having a hard time find the the reagents in the cathedral. When i get in the infected zone there are no reagents. My survival sense shows. Josh with not spawn and you'll stay in the room forever.

The Black Widow: All Choices & Endings | Help or Accuse Elena | Drink or Don't Drink | Dying Light 2

00:00 Elena Poisons People. 01:18 It's Nothing, Officers. 01:51 Talk to the Plague Witch 03:22 Search the Cathedral for reagents 05:10 Get back to Plague Witch 07:07 Drink (Best Ending) 08:47 Don't Drink Mission: The Black Widow Game: Dying Light 2 Release Date: 4th Feb. 2022 This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This Walkthrough guide will show you all the choices / options / outcomes / endings of the side quest THE BLACK WIDOW. Dying Light 2 Guide: Dying Light 2 Side Quest Guide: ----------------------------------------- Played on PC: Intel i7-10700k CPU @ 3.8Ghz GeForce RTX 3070 ----------------------------------------- The Black Widow is a Side Mission (Side Quest) in Dying Light 2. Region: The Wharf Quest Giver: Jolly Requirement: Complete Main Quest “The Lost Light / Cathedral” Reward: 2000 Combat XP, 2000 Agility XP Mission Info: Jolly was certain that Elena, her father’s new girlfriend, was a black widow: taking her beaus’ money, then killing them. The only witness alive who could confirm this was Elena’s ex-boyfriend, Josh. Objectives: Find Josh in the Fish Eye at night Search nearby rooftops for Josh Ask Josh about Elena Defend Josh Reset the fuses! Search Elena’s room for evidence Ask the Plague Witch about the orange container’s contents Search the Cathedral for reagents Bring the reagents to the Plague Witch Go to Elena’s cell

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