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Emily's Home Sweet Home Walkthrough

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12 rowsthere’s nothing wrong with striving to be the best, and there’s also no shame in getting a little. Emily’s home sweet home platinum edition♥ challenge level: Emily’s home sweet home walkthrough is loaded with tips and information to help you and the o’malley family in their new adventure of purchasing a fixer upper house and turning it into a home. Our guide will aid you in overcoming the challenges that you will encounter while trying to remodel your house, become part of your new community and getting.

Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home - Level 1 Walkthrough

A play-through of Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home* Level 1. __________________________________ Support my work on channel a) with a $1 donation at b) with your time by clicking on ads Thank you! __________________________________ Name: Emily’s Garden – Level 1 TiggerTips: Mouse location: Left of cash register counter Mini-Marathon: Walk 100 yards. Picture: Meeting Grace When enough money available, purchase the following items: Colorful Windmills (Increased patience); $200 Circular Terrace (Increased speed); $200 Paige’s Lemonade Stand (Increased tips); $200 Barbeque Meister 400 (Harder to burn meat); $150 New Kitchen Block (Quicker prep); $650 Authentic Vat (Decreases spillage); $200 *Play Now at GameHouse:

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