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Fire Emblem Three Houses Comics

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Three houses' newest update on nintendo switch added new dlc, a free new mode, and removed the voice actor of male byleth for. Three houses dlc and free update now available, here's what they add Three houses, edelgard von hresvelg, claude von riegan, dimitri alexandre blaiddyd, byleth eisner, living my best life, wobubling. Claim authorship edit history.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Comic Dub Compilation | 2K Compilation Special!!

I really can’t believe we hit 2k!! Thanks so much guys, and let's grow even larger together!! Like, comment, and subscribe for more of these shenanigans. ⭐Join the Discord! - (Show the “Real Zephyr” some Luv): Gleam Giveaway Link: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go support the amazing artists! All comics in the video: ⭐Sleepy Teach: ( ) ⭐You don’t have eyelashes?!: ( ) ⭐Wink: ( ) ⭐Nuggies!: ( ) ⭐Hidden Strength: ( ) ⭐Professor’s Affection: ( ) ⭐Duality of Dimitri: ( ) ⭐Sleep is for the weak: ( ) ⭐Rude Reposition: ( ) ⭐Thanks for the food!: ( ) ⭐Midterms: ( ) ⭐Claude's Deer Cracker PSA: ( ) ⭐Why’s it so “Hot?”: ( ) ⭐You’re like 5: ( ) ⭐Buff!: ( ) ⭐I mean Uno…: ( ) ⭐Claude’s Important Assignment: ) And don’t forget the lovely VA’s! All Voice actors in the comics: ⭐Claude: Reed Kriner ( ) ⭐Dimitri: Peter Nishimura ( ) ⭐F!Byleth/Edelgard: luucarii ( ) ⭐Seteth: Melledoneus ( ) ⭐Flayn: InnocentlyCreating ( ) ⭐Summoner (Kiran): Braeden Gilliss ( ) ⭐Marianne: charquipvee ( ) ⭐M!Byleth/Raphael: Melancholy ( ) ⭐Hubert: Smol Dragon ( ) ⭐Dorthea: KissfromtheShadows: ( ) ⭐Hilda: EmmaTalksGames ( ) ⭐Lysithea/Ingrid: TheWaifuWar ( ) (Pssst, if you like me, maybe check these links out as well!) ⭐Editor: ZephyrKid ( ) ⭐Twitter: ⭐(I’ve gone to the dark side) Patreon: ⭐Song used in the outro: *I do not take any ownership of music displayed in this video. Music used for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. All materials used the property of their respective owners.*

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