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I Love You Wallpaper Aesthetic

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Neon Lights Love Heart Tunnel and Romantic Abstract Glow Particles 4K Moving Wallpaper Background

To download, consider supporting me on Patreon: Subscribe for abstract VJ loop motion backgrounds: Free tool to save, resize and upscale 4K videos: Neon Lights Love Heart Tunnel and Romantic Abstract Glow Particles 4K VJ Loop Background Moving Backgrounds Videos Effects Playlist: Sometimes I think abstract neon and lights are rather awesome. This romantic abstract seamless VJ loop motion background video has no sound and is 1 hour (60 minutes) and is designed to be a relaxing futuristic screensaver live wallpaper heart animation. It is 4K Ultra HD (UHD) at 60fps (60 frames per second) to create the highest quality dark special VFX (visual effects) possible. Try using it as a Kinemaster editing video template, or in Premiere Pro video edits, or as an After Effects motion graphic! Consider using it for VJ loops, meditation, backdrops, edm concerts and much more. Also, think about all the cool tunnel projects you can make! It's great for intros, openers, moving backgrounds, wallpapers, music videos, lyric videos, video edits, glow videos and neon effects. It can also be used at events, kiosks and show booths. Beeple VJ loop visuals have always been a huge inspiration to me. This background video can be extended infinitely to play for any duration in all video editors, like Kinemaster, Premiere Pro, or Sony Vegas. What amazing, beautiful love projects will you use this visual effect for? For business inquiries, or to purchase for commercial use, please contact me directly. My email address is visible on the "About" page of this channel. If you want to use this video for personal use only, you MUST give credit by including my name (IncrediVFX) and a link to my YouTube channel: Fair use only, re-uploading my content as-is is not allowed. Do not activate YouTube's Content ID System with my videos. Accepting donations if you want to support my work: ► Ethereum (ETH): 0x8e3f76DBdf0A5d4724dBb6862eD332BFEBCdf735 ► Bitcoin (BTC): 1DrZeG3S2zvfVijApWxuB6yDQTmtgReAS2 Follow IncrediVFX on Social Media: ► Twitter: Neon Lights Love Heart Tunnel and Romantic Abstract Glow Particles 4K Moving Wallpaper Background You know, abstract and neon lights can be really gorgeous! The following list may help give you some great ideas! Check it out below: heart, tunnel, glow, neon, vj, loop, romantic, love, perspective, shape, lights, abstract, particles, flying, background, design, motion, futuristic, fluorescent, music, disco, night, dark, club, valentine, day, wedding, 3d rendering, marriage, moving, psychedelic, purple, pink, red, party, symbol, graphic, fantasy, dj, wallpaper, vibrant, endless, illumination, stars, space #abstract #neon #background #lights #moving #motion #tunnel #futuristic #loop #wallpaper #particles #incredivfx #animation #kinemaster

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