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Iphone X Cyberpunk 2077 Image

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My Cyberpunk themed iPhone -- Behind the scenes

--Behind the scenes-- It’s finally here! I have been working on this project for almost a month. I’m so excited to share this with the cyberpunk 2077 community. The wallpaper will comes in three colors. Enjoy and be creative with it! Download it here: To support my work, feel free to join my Patreon subscription! That will be really appreciated. Special thanks to all these talented artists: -Arasaka code widget (Original Created by Turkay Burger) -Graffiti sticker wall widget Theanomalius_merch: Amdy Design: Soraname: Seerlight: Kiboune: Yerakhafiz: Jewbacca72: Sigmawolf2000: OWLvision33: Neplox: Spacegoose: Kiboune: Synaptyx: #cyberpunk2077 #samurai #ios14 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact me: Email: Instagram: Facebook:

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