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Iphone Xs Death Stranding Wallpapers

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25 death stranding wallpapers (iphone xs,iphone 10,iphone x) 1125x2436 resolution. Sort by [date] date added; Popular desktop 1336x768 1920x1080 3840x2160 1280x800 1440x900 1280x1024 1600x900 1024x768 1680x1050 1920x1200 1360x768 1280x720 26 death stranding wallpapers (iphone 6, iphone 6s, iphone 7) 750x1334 resolution.

Death Stranding - Animated Phone Wallpapers

DOWNLOAD LINK: With Death Stranding just a month away I really wanted to do something for the community. So here are two animated wallpapers with an Odradek from Death Stranding, one in white and one in orange. This game is all about forming connections, so this is my way of forming that connection with all of you. I used the app Video Live Wallpaper to use it on my phone (Android). But yours may differ and need some other app or setting. Google will help you. :) This was so much fun and I'd love to do more. If you have an idea for another cool animation, let me know in the comments! Tomorrow is in (y)our hands. I hope to see you all November 8th! ©2019 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Death Stranding is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Created and developed by Kojima Productions.

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