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Kuromi And My Melody Aesthetic

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Furnished in fur and afraid of your father you've choked out the air, burned up the water your sin is yourself, a slave to your youth too caught up in deceit to come close to a truth infinitely infantile, but ultimately worth each and. In japan, hardcore fans of the character are also refered to as kuromiota (クロミオタク). See more ideas about kuromi aesthetic outfit, aesthetic outfit ideas, aesthetic clothes. Tons of awesome my melody pc aesthetic wallpapers to download for free.

Kuromi and melody playlist ❤️🖤

Hi this is just a playlist that I made for you guys. -This was based on my own Interest, and I also Tried To choose the perfect songs that I think will fit in with These characters a lot. -pls use headphones if your going to be listening to this playlist. (This is only if you want to use headphones, I am not trying to Force people to use headphones) but I think headphones will make it sound cooler in a way. (Hopefully I am not the only one That thinks headphones sound cooler when you listening to music). -Anyways I hope you enjoy this playlist! I worked hard on it. It might seem Simple but really worked hard on it. So I hope you enjoy! And pls don’t hate if you think some of these songs don’t go will with theses characters. (like I said this was On my own interest And no one Else’s) -Anyways I love y’all so much! And I hope you enjoy! (: and if your having a bad day I hope your day gets better today or tomorrow! (: I wish you the best of luck! And pls don’t give up no matter how hard it is! I believe in you (: I love you, bye!

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