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L 3 Resident Evil 2 Wallpaper

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Type “background” and then choose background settings from the menu. In background settings, you will see a preview image. Choose “picture” and then select or browse for a picture. Choose “solid color” and then select a color.

Resident Evil 7 Codec Smartwatch

I've finished designing the Codec wallpaper for Android Wear and Apple Watch, here's where you can find them: There are three versions for the green and red wallpapers: .gif, .png, and .mov. The .gif images are animated and should work with Android Wear watches that support .gif backgrounds. For Apple Watch, the .png image can be used to set a Photo Face, however it will not be animated because WatchOS does not support animated .gifs. Finally, there's the original video file I used that should work with any watch app that plays .mov format videos. Hope you all enjoy this wallpaper, and welcome to the Family!

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