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Our Lady Of Guadalupe Wallpaper

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Blessings and Protection | 432 Hz

Our Lady of Guadalupe Blessings and Protection | 432 Hz. This one hour Virgin Mary meditation features relaxing music and waterfall sounds. May this music serve as a place of personal prayer and peace whenever you need it. Around the World 🌎🌍🌏 Virgen de Guadalupe Nuestra Señora Guadalupe Notre Dame Guadalupe Nostra Signora Guadalupe 瓜达卢佩圣母 聖母グアダルーペ 성모 과달 루페 ↠ Subscribe for Daily Meditation Music ↞ ↠ About Azur Meditations ↞ Azūr Meditations is here to provide you with relaxing music, deep sleep music to help you fall asleep fast, and healing mantras. Some of these recordings are ideal for sleep troubles like insomnia or may be used as stress relief music, spa music, yoga music, or calming music for any spiritual practice. On this channel we use soft tones and relaxing sounds to help you sleep, or achieve a very relaxed concentration. We believe music and silence are the two languages of the Universe...On the Azūr Meditations YouTube channel, we want to help you realize this. We leave the comments off so you can make this channel a place where you truly relax, listen, and have your own deep, personal experience. You may use this sleeping music at a low volume to calm down before bed and experience the benefits of deep sleep, and total relaxation. Across our different tracks you will find binaural beats such as: Delta Waves, Theta Waves, Alpha Waves and more powerful brainwaves layered into the music to ensure that our soothing music will not only help to relax you, but can also be beneficial in aiding yoga, sleep hypnosis, meditation for sleep, study sessions and out of body travel or lucid dreams. You can visit our website linked above to learn more about binaural beats. ↠ Copyright ↞ All music, audio, and recordings published by Azūr Meditations are originally composed by the author and may not be redistributed or reused in any way without written permission. © Azūr Meditations Copyright 2021 All rights reserved. ↠ Disclaimer ↞ Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to meditations (or any other audio/video) on this website or any of the media platforms that may be associated with it. ↠ Reminder ↞ Remember, YOU hold all the knowledge you could ever need within yourself! While the music and meditations you find here may be helpful at times, always look to yourself to come to your own conclusions and answer your own questions. You ARE everything you could ever need, you don't need any knowledge from anyone else other than yourself...Do not put any meditation, music, frequency, person, idea, or words of any kind between Your connection to the All. May The Blessings Be!

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