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Ruby Anne With An E

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The truest, best romantic couple in anne with an e is, by far, aunt josephine barry and her wife in her own way, gertrude. When anne and friends visit her in the city, they find out that gertrude wasn't just josephine's friend. They built a life around their house and a community around their love. One of the last times we see anne with most of her avonlea schoolmates is when they arrive at their boarding house in preparation for studying at queens college.

Ruby Gillis being adorable and dramatic.

So you're telling me that not only will I never see Shirbert again but this cutie as well?? It's a shame that there are so few videos of Ruby out there because watching her on my screen really is a breath of fresh air. I love her. I love this show. Still can't believe there won't be any new seasons but let's keep hoping. #fanvidfeed #rubygillis #annewithane

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