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S Of War 5 Images

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Essays, anecdotes, confessions, recommendations, pictures, recipes and advice from the gentleman's journal clubhouse. The desktop detritus of nick sullivan. Guillaume bonn captures the cameras of his heroes. 100 years after world war one began, it should be noted that photographers have risked their.

Photos allege S Lanka war massacre

Al Jazeera has obtained photographs which appear to show a massacre of Tamils during the final stages of the decades-long Sri Lankan civil war. Many Tamil organisations have been calling for a war crimes tribunal to investigate alleged brutality by the Sri Lankan army. Al Jazeera cannot verify the authenticity of the images, which were obtained from Tamils who said the photos were handed over by someone in the Sri Lankan military. The Sri Lankan government has rejected the photographs saying they are not genuine Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley reports. Some viewers may find the footage in the report disturbing

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