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Silence Is Golden Bible Verse

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We just simply need to add a little silence to our lives. Turn off all the noise, and then listen to the noise inside. I promise if you keep working on finding that inner silence, it will start to come and the peace that passes understanding will. Speech, it has been said, is silvern, silence is golden. no doubt there is a time for everything.

Joseph: Beloved Son, Rejected Slave, Exalted Ruler (2015) | Full Movie

The thrilling Biblical story of Joseph is told in this high quality 3-D animated feature film for children ages 5 and up. Young Joseph is a dreamer, indulged by his father and resented by his older brothers who soon sell him into slavery without their father's knowledge. Now captive in Egypt, Joseph experiences humiliation, hardship and imprisonment. But his faith and his gift for interpreting dreams soon lead him to an exalted position in the kingdom. When his brothers come calling for help, Joseph responds in a surprising way. The program sets Joseph's story in the context of God's plan for Israel and the promised coming of the Messiah. It powerfully demonstrates God's sovereign hand in all things. Director: Robert Fernandez Writer: Robert Fernandez Stars: Chris Jung, Robert Magruder, Mike McFarland Follow us on Facebook for more updates!

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