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Snape And Lily Fan Art

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This i my first videotheres not a story really just a collection of s/l fanart. song is eyes by rogue wave***note*** i do no own these i made this video purel. She loves severus snape and lily potter. I would like to dedicate this video to my best friend: M (i'm not going to say her name).

Severus and Lily in Fan Art

Please Rate, Comment and Enjoy! Yay! A new video. I never planned on making this, but I have been learning this song, "Turning" on the piano and I was inspired. I was going to record myself playing it but the quality of the recording was poor so I used this instrumental version instead. It is by Suzanne Ciani. All Artists are credited at the end. Please Admire them appropriately. Special thanks to Lilyhbp for letting show her artwork.

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