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Wallpaper Eddie Van Halen Frankenstrat

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How Eddie Van Halen painted the Frankenstrat

In 2017 I decided to build my second Frankenstrar replica, I wanted the guitar to be as accurate as possible. The only way to achieve that was to do a ton of research. This video is the result of over two and a half years research and paint samples. From April to October 2019 the Frankenstrat was on public display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city. For the first time ever people could view the guitar close up and take pictures of the tiniest details, this was a major game changer. In this video I'm using the best pictures that have ever been taken of the Frankenstrat to help figure out long time mysteries like the "fogging" and bust myths and controversies. After watching this video you'll never look at the Frankenstrat the same way again. Van Halen Frankenstrat/Frankenstein Replicas Van Halen gear timeline (The most detailed website on EVH guitars) Travis Heying's photos Jenny Lens Bo Shannon photos on Flickr Neil Zlozower photos Jas Obrecht Vermont Wood Studios The Wood Database Commercial Forest Products Walter "Cartoon" Olney VHND interview VHND Medford march 27 1979 poster 1979 Long Beach Grand Prix David Lee Roth interview The Dils punk band Locke Custom Guitars Schwinn catalog 1979 Box of Schwinn paint cans Dave Moulton's blog - Candy apple paint Fat Finger Guitars Stratton James - Music My first Frankenstrat All music in this video was written and performed by me. Johnny b guitars T-SHIRTS Follow me on... FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM

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